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Private Pilots

- [8.12. 2017]

Private Pilots - 1

Private Pilots - 1
Private Pilots - 2
Private Pilots - 3
Private Pilots - 4
Private Pilots - 5

Private Pilots - 6

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Abacus Private Pilots

Disk je čitelný (přehrávatelný), bez škrábanců.


Private Pilot lets you fly the best of the light aircraft. You'll recognize most of the aircraft here since they're among the world's most popular models. And a few of these are planes that many aviators dream about flying.


Fly these beauties:

AeroStar 700 Beech V-35
Beech Baron 58 Cessna 150 Amphibian
Cessna 152 Cessna 172
Cessna 310 Diamond Katana
Glasair III Mooney Ovation
Pilatus PC-12 Piper Malibu
Piper Saratoga II

Noted designer Terry Hill has been creating flight sim aircraft for many years. Finally he has the opportunity to complete something that he's wanted to do for some time now - put together a collection of his favorite planes.

Terry’s attention to detail ensures that these singles and twins look like the real thing. Terry Hill and Jim Rhoads and several other experienced pilots are putting just as much effort into making sure they fly like the real thing.

Instrument Panels
We Haven't Forgotten The Inside

Attention to detail doesn't stop on the outside. Panel designer Chris Arrington and Scott Nix have created customized cockpits for each plane. Tim Dickens and Chuck Dome created custom instrument gauges.

Hone Your Flying Skills

When you step into a new plane, you should practice a few hours to become acquainted with its flying characteristics. We'll take you to the Island Airpark created by Jim Rhoads and is located right in the middle of Lake Michigan - not too far from Meigs Field.

At Island Airpark, you'll be able to practice and gain proficiency whether it's a short field takeoff over 50’ foot obstacles or a soft field landings, shooting the ILS in bad weather or holding over the NDB and challenging maneuvers and approaches.



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